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I’m lucky enough to know some great York copywriters. Every few months I suggest we get together for a chat. For an hour or so we talk over coffee – or occasionally cocktails. It’s an informal way to find out each other’s specialisms, make connections and get beyond the ‘jazz hands’ veneer of general networking.

Have problems with a late-paying client? Don’t know what to put in your Terms and Conditions? Need some advice on a new business direction? Come chat with your peer group.

If nothing else, being away from the keyboard is guaranteed to refresh your creative juices!

Past York Copywriters’ Coffee attendees:

  • Jenny Wing www.jennywing.com
    Specialism: web and print copywriting for the not-for-profits, charities and the third sector.

Please email me if you’ve come along to a meet-up and would like to be added to this list.

Competitors or your greatest allies?

I set up these York copywriters meet-ups as I kept meeting copywriters at networking. But I never got the chance to chat to them properly.

When I started, I assumed all copywriters are created equal. But it turns out we all have our niches – be that in sectors, or type of writing. For example, I specialise in SEO web content. If I get an enquiry for a project when I don’t have capacity, I’ll refer it on to a fellow York copywriter. And guess what? They’ve kindly done the same.

Next York Copywriters’ Coffee

To be arranged.

Frequently asked copywriter questions

Over a coffee in one of York’s lovely venues, we talk about everything from offering discounts to late-paying clients.

Past York Copywriters meet-ups

20 November 2019: Coffee

10.30am – 11.30am Fancy Hank’s Bar & Kitchen, York

14 August 2019: Cocktails

6.30pm – 8pm THOR’S tipi (THOR’S SÓL ÁST), York at The York Principal

15 May 2019: Coffee

11am – 12pm Cut and Chase, Goodramgate, York

13 Feb 2019: Coffee

11am – 12pm Cut and Chase, Goodramgate, York

17 October 2018: Coffee

11am – 12pm Cut and Chase, Goodramgate, York

9 May 2018: Coffee

11am – 12pm Cut and Chase, Goodramgate

21 Feb 2018: Coffee

11am – 12pm Ambiente Tapas, Fossgate, York

17 October 2017: Coffee

11am – 12pm Ambiente Tapas, Fossgate, York

How do I find out about the next meet-up?

I post dates and times here, on Ink Gardener Facebook Page. Or email me if you want to be put on the email distribution list. To make admin easier, I use the Facebook page to track attendees.

Looking forward to meeting you!