Hire a blog ghostwriter

Catch the eye of Google and future customers

Hire a blog ghostwriter

Catch the eye of Google and future customers

Boost business with a blog ghostwriter

Psst… Want to know a secret?

Google robots don’t distinguish between a web page and blog. This means online articles can highlight niche elements of your business that don’t fit anywhere else.

If your website is your online ‘house’, then blogs are like mini marquees. They can offer advice while subtly promoting your products or services. And you can get a blog ghostwriter – like me – to write them for you.

Is this you?

Young Asian origin man

“How can we highlight new products?”

Woman wearing glasses holding a pink rose bush

“We want to link to our own articles on social media to boost our reputation.”

Woman smiling while listening to a mobile phone

“Our main competitor produces blogs, but we don’t have the time!”

The best blog style

Something conversational but professional, full of bullet points, questions and headers always goes down well.

Luckily this is my writing style too!

Added bonus

After 25+ years working on the web, I know a thing or two about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). My blogs are brimming with pointers designed to appeal to Google robots as well as customers.

Blogs for clients:

Blogs on this website:

The blog ghostwriter process

  1. You give me a topic you’d like me to write about.
  2. I carry out SEO research on what your potential customers are searching for in relation to that topic. Plus what your competitors are up to.
  3. I identify the best key phrase for the blog.
  4. I generate a Google-grabbing title.
  5. I deliver the first draft as a Word document.
  6. You give feedback by typing notes in a different colour – no Tracked Changes involved!
  7. I incorporate your feedback and deliver a final draft to you as a Word document.
  8. The final draft – and its Google-friendly SEO labels – is uploaded to your website by you, your web developer, or perhaps me? (see below).

Case study: blog ghostwriter success

I wrote a blog which consistently beats Wikipedia in Google. This case study explains what goes into crafting a quality blog:

Full case study
Blog at top of Google - screenshot

Price guide

Blog ghostwriter - 700 word blog represented by smaller topiary ball

700 word blog

from £300
  • SEO research
  • Competitor research
  • Recycle for social media
  • Use in future marketing
  • Google-friendly SEO labels
Blog ghostwriter - 1000 word blog represented by larger cloud pruned topiary balls

1000 word blog

from £375
  • SEO research
  • Competitor research
  • Recycle for social media
  • Use in future marketing
  • Google-friendly SEO labels
Blog writer sourcing images represented by fairy lights

Blog image

£35 per image
  • Copyright-free
  • A maximum of 600 x 800 pixels
  • SEO label
Blog ghostwriter package - represented by topiary in fairy lights with strawberries

All-inclusive package

  • 1000 word blog
  • SEO research
  • Competitor research
  • Use in future marketing
  • One copyright-free image
  • 3 social media posts to link

Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from strategic blogging?

Any organisation, from small businesses to international corporations, charities to public sector.

Is a blog the same as a sales page?

No. A blog is a more general article, usually answering a ‘How? What? Why?’ question. But if you offer useful information, you ‘earn’ the right to subtly sell to the reader by mentioning your product or service.

Where does the word ‘blog’ come from?

Way back when, a sea captain would write a log – or diary entry – of the day’s events. In the 1990s, people started writing web logs. This term was condensed into ‘blog’. But there are other theories about blog origins too.

Why should we hire you as our ghostwriter?

  • I’ve worked on websites since 1997. So I’ve a pretty good idea what works, and what doesn’t.
  • I’m a graduate of a nine week intensive course called The Recipe For SEO Success run by Australia’s top copywriter.
  • I went freelance in 2014, writing countless blogs for clients.
  • I’ve a degree in English from Cambridge University and am writing a novel, so am a wordsmith through and through. Find out more in About.

Why do the prices vary?

Because every sector is different. Writing for heritage, hospitality, horticulture or wellbeing is very different to more legally-specific industries. Some topics may also need extra time.

Why should we hire a blog ghostwriter rather than use AI?

It’s the difference between home-cooked lasagne and a microwave meal. Or a massage machine and a masseuse. Yes, AI can produce a bland ‘meh’ blog, but are you a bland ‘meh’ business?

You will still have to research your SEO. Plus fact-check everything it produces.

This is because AI can hallucinate. I’ve seen it make up a fictional cave in the Lake District, and imply compost causes cancer!

Can we have 500 blogs please?

I love your enthusiasm! But Google robots only have a limited time to explore your website. So why don’t we start with some quality blogs that fit your business strategy?

We’re OK with writing blogs, but our SEO is letting us down. Can you help?

Absolutely. I offer:

Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, all my prices include VAT.

What my clients say

Douglas Chalmers

Helen’s work has made a significant difference

“We have all been so pleased with your output… Your work has continued to make a significant difference to our profile.”

Douglas Chalmers, Chief Executive of the charity Friends of The Lake District

Jackie Black

Truly impressed by Helen’s work

“I was truly impressed by the level of feedback and suggestions in Helen’s website MOT. It was such a useful, pain free exercise I asked her to revamp the content within my website’s existing design. I’m delighted with the results.”

Jackie Black, CEO of Digital Business Communications

What’s the next step?

Just call me, Helen Reynolds, on 07929 948 743 or email to see if I’d be a good fit as your blog ghostwriter.

More ways I can help you

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