SEO revamp for blogs

Refreshing your SEO to better attract Google

SEO revamp for blogs

Refreshing your SEO to better attract Google

SEO revamp for blogs

Did you know Google’s search robots only have a limited amount of time to index your website? So for blogs, quality over quantity wins the day.

This Search Engine Optimisation SEO overhaul package gives practical tips on how to better attract Google’s attention.

What humans see

Screenshot of home page showing words and Ink Gardener logo of flowers

What Google sees

Screenshot of HTML and CSS coding which create the Ink Gardener home page

Who this package helps

Man smiling at his cat

“I love writing my weekly blogs, but they never seem to rank that highly in Google. Why?”

Smiling man with brown eyes and a brown beard

“We don’t need a blog writer. But we do need advice on how to make them work better online.”

Female photographer taking a picture, wearing a burgundy hat and with brunette hair

“How can adding SEO to online articles drive more business to my website?”

What's included

  1. Quick Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  2. SEO analysis of current blog and suggestions for better-performing key phrases
  3. Your revamped blog packed with SEO, explanations and pointers

These are presented in a Word document to which you can return, time and again, for tips.

Screenshot examples

1. Quick guide to SEO

SEO Wordpress instructions - screenshot example

2. SEO analysis

SEO article rewriting training - SEO list screenshot example

3. Your revamped blog

Screenshots of an updated blog, including instructions

Frequently asked questions

What happens in this SEO revamp for blogs?

  1. You send me the website address of the blog you’d like me to revamp.
  2. I carry out my research and rewrite the article.
  3. I email you the revamped blog. Plus my SEO basics guide.

What sorts of blogs can it help?

Any, from those written for small businesses to charities, public sector to not-for-profits. It’s surprising how many big businesses could also do with a SEO overhaul.

Can blogs really make that much impact?

Yes! Google doesn’t distinguish between a web page and an article. Blogs give you a place to show off your expertise and get specific.

Why a document rather than a course?

This service grew out of working with clients who asked me to show them how SEO works in practice.

But everyone learns differently. If you’d prefer face-to-face or an online workshop, check out my training and workshops section.

What experience do you have?

  • I’ve worked on websites since 1997. So I’ve a pretty good idea what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Past clients include small businesses such as holiday cottage owners to large organisations such as the Yorkshire Dales National Park.
  • I’m a graduate of The Recipe For SEO Success nine week intensive course run by Australia’s top copywriter.

Is this a full SEO course?

No, it’s more of a ‘get by in Google’. But it will transform how you look at writing for the web. It’s the language equivalent of being able to order a coffee or ask for directions.

For an in-depth understanding, I recommend the Recipe for SEO Success course.

Can we talk it through with you first?

To keep the price affordable, this SEO overhaul is a three step process through email.

If you’d like to go through any details afterwards, a 35 minute follow-up call is £50. Just email me to set one up.

Does the price include VAT?

Yes, all my prices include VAT.

Can you write blogs from scratch or re-write blogs?

Yes I offer a blog writing service if you’d prefer someone else to do the writing.

What my clients say

Camilla Grayley

Helen gave me lots of amazing tips on SEO

“I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their SEO makes use of this service. I got lots of amazing tips on SEO tailored to one of my blogs. But also lots of information I can apply to my website as a whole.”

Camilla Grayley – garden designer, project manager and writer for Camilla Grayley Garden Design

Sally Duffin, SEO article rewriting training client

Helen drills down into the SEO technical detail

“Helen’s SEO insights are incredible. She really drills down into the technical detail and provides sound reasons for how and why her recommendations will work.

Helen has helped me maintain my own writing style while working with the search engine robots to increase my work’s impact.”

Sally Duffin – nutritionist, writer and keynote speaker for Nutrition in York

SEO revamp - spade in a wheelbarrow

How to book your SEO revamp

Just call me, Helen Reynolds, on 07929 948 743 or email to check availability.

More ways I can help

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