Website MOT from £147

Get a customer perspective, quick wins and actions for your web developer

Website MOT from £147

Get a customer perspective, quick wins and actions for your web developer

Is your business website up to scratch?

Save time, money and hassle with an unbiased opinion from a customer viewpoint.

I’ll tell you what your customers, friends and family have been too polite to say.

Do you need a website MOT?

Here are some situations where an honest assessment could help:

Affordable website audit UK - sample businessman customer

“We haven’t touched the website in 3 years. Where should we start?”

Affordable website audit UK - example businesswoman client

“Is any of our website salvagable? Or should we just start again from scratch?”

Affordable website audit UK - example customer

“Why is our new website not ranking in Google?”

What's included

Your affordable website audit UK report includes:

  • A report in Microsoft Word, including screenshots where necessary.
  • Unbiased customer perspectives.
  • Quick wins of what to fix or improve.
  • Clear red, orange and green traffic light labelling system.
  • Practical actions for your web developer.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  1. You send me your web address.
  2. I go through my checklist and write the report.
  3. I email you the Website MOT report, packed full of recommendations.

Is this a technical audit?

No, it’s from a customer and Google search robot perspective. However I will highlight things your web developer could do to improve the website.

What sort of websites can have an MOT?

Any, from small businesses to charities, public sector to not-for-profits. The website is often the first port of call for your audience or customer. So it makes sense to check it’s in tip-top condition.

Why assess only 8 pages?

8 pages usually cover the mainstays of the navigation – such as Home, About, Contact, Services and Products.

I can check more pages if you’d like. But often the same issues will just be repeated in subpages.

If you’ve fewer than 8 pages, I’ll use the additional time to look at competitors and dive even deeper.

What experience do you have?

  • I’ve been involved with producing websites since 1997. So I’ve a pretty good idea what works, and what doesn’t.
  • I’m not a techie, so will look at the website as a customer would.
  • As I’m trained in Search Engine Optimisation, I also look at things from the perspective of a Google search robot.

Do we have to use you to make the recommended changes?

No. This is an independent audit. Plus I’m not a web developer.

However I do offer more in-depth packages if you want more help with your SEO web content.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

I started working on the internet in 1997. Since then, I’ve seen businesses waste thousands of pounds on whizzy new designs that don’t deliver. Or dump perfectly good web structures just because of one obsolete element.

Understandably, business owners become jaded about websites. But these 24/7 global ‘shop windows’ should be a source of pride, not frustration.

My mission is to remove the mystique from the web and put the business owner back in the driving seat. Friends asked me to look at their websites. This MOT idea grew from those reviews.

What my customers say

“Need a cost effective way to improve your website? This has helped me tremendously. My online shop is certainly reaping the benefits since I made all the changes. It’s definitely improved my ranking.”

Michelle Hughes, linocut artist at Michelle Hughes Design

“Just skimmed through the MOT and am truly impressed by the level of feedback and suggestions. A really useful exercise and pain free too!”

– Jackie Black, CEO of Digital Business Communication

How to book your website MOT

Just call 07929 948 743 or email to check availability.

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