SEO web content

I write enticing words for your website to attract Google and your ideal customers.

SEO web content

I write enticing words for your website to attract Google and your ideal customers.

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SEO web content

Like: putting up road signs so visitors can find your garden

What is SEO?

Writing Google-friendly web content is known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Software ‘robots’ crawl across the web to index it. Hidden indexing, sentence length and even how you label your photos all help your pages stand out. But the content also has to make sense to humans.

Freelance SEO web content copywriting - an example of Google-friendly metadata

How I work

Every project is different. But here’s an example of the tasks to create the content for a brand-new home interiors website:

  • Chat with the client to establish target audiences, unique selling points (USPs) and ‘brand voice’.
  • Research key competitor websites and keyword searches.
  • Draw up a navigation and page structure.
  • Write fresh Google-friendly copy.
  • Write Search Engine Optimisation elements to help with Google rankings.
  • Deliver these as Word documents for their website software developer to add into the website.

More details about the process

I can write your web content from scratch or adapt your existing content. With more than 20 years’ experience as a SEO web content copywriter, I know what will shrivel and what will blossom.


Like: walking around a garden to get the lie of the land

We’ll talk for about an hour and a half so I can find out more about your business. This can be on the phone, in person or by Skype. I’ll ask questions like:

  • What do you want the website to achieve – more orders? Raising awareness?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • Compared to your competitors, what are your unique selling points?


Like: preparing the soil and planning the design

Once I know what you’d like your SEO web content to do, I’ll check out:

  • Your current website or documents
  • Your competition
  • What your ideal customers are searching for


Like: sowing and planting up a garden

I’ll start writing. This is based on our chat, my research and the best way to attract both Google and customers. By this point I will have everything I need to create:

  • A first draft of your web content as a Microsoft Word document
  • SEO web content elements for your web developer including metadata
  • A second draft of web content incorporating your feedback. This should just be factual changes.

Optional seed packet: Navigation

Like: working out where to lay the paths and raised beds

It can be tricky to plan and name website navigation and pages. I can provide a site structure that makes sense to your customers and Google.

A well of content for you to use forever

Once I’ve transferred copyright ownership to you, the content is yours to do with as you wish. Past clients have recycled their web content for:

  • Social media content
  • Pitches and proposals
  • Leaflets and flyers
  • Adverts
  • Background information for journalists and trade fair directories

This saves you time and means your messages will be consistent across the board. A win-win all round.

What my clients say

“When we launched our new e-commerce website for peat-free compost and gardening products, Helen rewrote the content and added metadata so search engines could find us more easily. She also recommended some quick fixes to improve our website’s appearance and performance. Because of this we have already seen an increase in online enquiries, cross-sells and up-sells.”

– Matthew Dent, Fertile Fibre

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Please take a look at FAQs or contact me at or on 07929 948 743.

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