Temporary web content manager

Need extra help planting up your new website? I’ve years of experience ‘moving the beehive’ of content.

Temporary web content manager

Need extra help planting up your new website? I’ve years of experience ‘moving the beehive’ of content.

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Temporary web content manager

Launching a replacement website is a great chance to refresh your content. But when there are dozens or even hundreds of pages, who has the time?

Freelance web content migration - old and new navigation menus

Your temporary web content manager

New websites are wonderful, but it’s a challenge to shift across content. I can work in parallel to your existing team as a ‘shadow’ web content manager for the project.

I’ve worked on the web since 1997 and overseen countless web migrations. These include Durham Cathedral’s 150-plus pages and the Lake District National Park website’s 500-plus pages.

Replant, re-seed, rejuvenate

How great would it be to move house and have the removal company mend and clean everything too? I can virtually do this by correcting typos, inconsistencies and duplications. I’ll cut down wordiness and long sentences to make pages more appealing to customers and Google alike. I can also ‘grow’ new content by talking to you and your staff.

Sowing images

I’m not a graphic designer. However as part of your web migration project, I can re-size images to fit your new design layout. I’ll also label them correctly to get more attention from Google.

I created all the graphics on this website using off-the-peg botanical images and adapting others in Photoshop.

Techie and creative speak

I’m used to working with web developers and designers and have an awareness of coding which helps when reporting and solving problems.

Whether it’s through a risk log, bug reporting system, phone calls or remote meetings, I can liaise with your internal team and external suppliers to get the job done.

Test driving for your team

Every web content management system (CMS) has its quirks. As your interim web content manager I can identify potholes early on.

In the past I’ve reported bugs, suggested improvements, written user manuals and trained permanent members of staff so they’re well-prepared for the handover.

Here are some CMS set-ups I’ve worked with:

Test driving as your audience

As a fresh pair of eyes, I will point out issues that could trip up your website, including:

  • Printing issues
  • Layout inconsistencies
  • Colour schemes that breach Disability Discrimination Acts

Keeping the workplace balance

I’ve worked in large organisations as an employee, so know how irritating it can be to have external consultants ‘parachuted in’.

However I see part of my role as taking away some of the pressure from the existing team. Once I leave, I want them to be able to hit the ground running with the new website.

Working two or three days a week remotely, with face-to-face meetings when necessary, has been really successful for my past projects.

What my clients say

When I stepped in mid-website migration to cover staff illness:

“Thank you for your sterling work over the last few months. Your knowledge allied to your enthusiasm have helped us get through a very difficult period.”

– Richard Payne, Communications Manager for Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

Next steps

Do get in touch if you’d like to chat about how I could help you and your team. Either email me at or call 07929 948 743.

Freelance web content writer Helen Reynolds by the River Ouse in York

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