A new era for a traditional product

Picnic Wicker specialise in luxury hampers with quintessential British charm. Disappointed by the inferior quality of foreign imports, the Spurrs switched to hampers grown and crafted in Somerset. To support this new direction, they decided to revamp their website.

I was recommended by web developer Lucy Davies of Websites By Lucy to their web designer Catherine Livsey of Warmbread to help with navigation, web content and to lead a search engine optimisation boost (SEO).


A dream team

When it comes to SEO, a copywriter can only control web content. But page speed makes a huge impact on Google ranking. Fortunately both Lucy and Catherine are talented web design and coding professionals. Catherine labelled images to include recommended key phrases, and kept image sizes compressed. Lucy’s elegant, succinct web code meant quick page speeds. And she also implemented all the ‘unseen’ SEO elements I’d written from meta descriptions to image alt tags.

Dream clients

The clients Graeme and Karen and I bonded instantly over our love of TV dramas Downton Abbey and The Gilded Age. You may spot a few ‘English butler’ terms such as ‘neatly stowed’ and ‘last for generations’ in the text.

They took on board my recommendations and signed off the first draft with minimal changes. In fact I’ve since provided some social media batch content for the Picnic Wicker Facebook page.

My own flavour of Search Engine Optimisation boost

In such a crowded market, we needed to be specific with our key phrases. Certainly more so than the generic ‘picnic basket’ and ‘picnic hampers UK’ phrases a certain SEO software programme had provided. After some intensive Google research, I improved them by adding words like ‘luxury’, ‘fitted’, ‘willow’, and ‘double-lidded’.

The finer details

Featuring ‘The finer details’ section to an online shop’s product description gives me a place to expand on any USPs (Unique Selling Points). For Picnic Wicker, I delved deeper by asking the geographical sources of components. The Spurrs had worked hard to source their materials from quality suppliers. So why not share that the leather in the straps is from a Northamptonshire tannery and the tweed backboard is from Scotland?


  • 1 week after launch: ranked 5th in Google for the key phrase ‘British made picnic hamper’, not including ads
  • 4 weeks: Reached 2nd place, despite tough competition from Etsy, Amazon and established suppliers
  • 2 months: Dropped to 3rd place, probably because of aggressive summer season marketing by competitors
  • 3 months: Achieved 1st place in Google
Graeme and Karen Spurr of Picnic Wicker

A website that truly reflects our aims

“From concept, through copy writing to site build and go live we have received incredible advice and support leading to a website that truly reflects the aims of our company.

It is so nice to have a group of advisers in such an important area of our business who get us and what we are trying to achieve.”

Graeme and Karen Spurr, Picnic Wicker founders commenting on the team behind their website

Best in Show

I’m proud to have created a royal connection behind the names of each hamper, perfect for the luxury sector.

As a history fan, it was also fun to weave in how Alfred the Great hid from the Vikings in the Somerset marshes.

Take a look:

Picnic Wicker luxury hampers