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Why you need this social media calendar 2020 – UK version

If you’re sapped of inspiration as to what to write for social media or in your blog, check out my list tailored to the UK.

Brimful of ideas

I write social media strategies for clients, or rather To Do lists and recipes. A key part of this is coming up with social media calendar ideas tailored to their sector.

Things look less daunting when there’s a hook to hang a blog post off, share on Facebook, feature a photo of on Instagram or retweet on Twitter.

Key to sectors

Certain times of the year are vital to certain sectors:

  • wedding πŸ‘Έ – wedding venues, florists, bridal shops, hoteliers, honeymoon travel agents
  • travel 🌍 – hoteliers, holiday accommodation, self-catering cottage owners, B&Bers
  • sporting πŸ† – sporting good suppliers, sporting break organisers, sporting venues, golf courses, tennis clubs
  • gifts 🎁 – manufacturers, artisans, craft workers
  • food and drink 🍎 – restaurants, bakers, foodies, food festival organisers

Month-by-month for 2020

Here are all the traditional dates, plus a few curve balls to get you thinking.

Printable A4 sheet: Download Ink Gardener social media calendar 2020 UK (PDF).

What and when is VE Bank Holiday Friday?

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day which happened on 8 May 1945. Instead of our early May Bank Holiday Monday, the government switched it to Friday to mark the date exactly.

January 2020

1 Jan – New Year resolutions – especially for πŸ† – “I will get fit!” and 🌍 – “I will travel there!”

after: with New Year proposals quite a few πŸ‘Έ-to-be will be eager to plan their weddings.

25 Jan – Burns Night: 🍎

February 2020

9 Feb – The Oscars: do any of the key dress colours tie in with your product? Or does a film theme match with what you offer?

14 Feb – Valentines Day before: πŸ‘ΈΒ πŸŽ and after: hopefully some keen brides-to-be who said yes to that romantic proposal.

March 2020

1 Mar – St David’s Day: patron saint of Wales. Have you themed a shop window or menu? 🍎

17 Mar – St Patrick’s Day: patron saint of Ireland. Have you themed a shop window or menu? 🍎

22 Mar – Mothering Sunday (UK)Β  🎁 🍎

April 2020

1 Apr – April Fool’s Day: social media is supposed to be light-hearted, so have some fun!

10 Apr – Golfer’s Day 🌍

22 Apr – Easter Monday 🎁🍎

23 Apr – St George’s Day: patron saint of England. Have you themed a shop window or menu? Or given it’s also Shakespeare’s birthday, what about a quote? 🍎

25 Apr – World Penguin Day – here’s a brilliant tweet from @PenguinUKBooks:

May 2020

8 May – VE Day Bank Holiday Friday: remember it’s a Friday, not Monday everyone!

19 – 23 May – Chelsea Flower Show: πŸ‘Έ or if you have a key product colour, you could tie it in with new flowers. Often new plant varieties have some great names that you could link to.

25 May – Spring Bank Holiday Monday

June 2020

18 – 22 Jun – Royal Ascot: πŸ‘Έ for the wedding party. Plus there are usually some great shots of brightly coloured clothes and hats which could tie in with your product.

20 Jun – Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year.

21 Jun – Father’s Day (UK) 🎁🍎

29 June – Wimbledon starts Obviously πŸ† but 🍎 – have you any strawberry-themed dishes or cocktails?

July 2020

Until 14 Jul – Wimbledon

4 Jul – American Independence Day: 🌍 after all, social media is international.

10 Jul – Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day

End of school terms: Could your product be the perfect 🎁 for teacher?

August 2020

1 Aug – Yorkshire Day: Have you themed a shop window or menu?

All month: anything that can help parents entertain bored children or teenagers. This is a great chance to support your local attractions by giving them some coverage. πŸ†πŸŽ

31 Aug – August Bank Holiday Monday (for England and Wales)

September 2020

Back to school: lots of people decide to sign up for night classes or new activities: πŸ†

19 Sept – International Talk Like A Pirate Day

October 2020

31 Oct – Halloween: Have you themed a shop window or menu? 🍎 Can you offer a gruesomely-named cocktail for the occasion?

November 2020

Christmas presents: 🎁

11 Nov – Remembrance Day

30 Nov – St Andrew’s Day: patron saint of Scotland. 🍎 Have you themed a shop window or menu?

December 2020

Your own 2020 awards – take stock as to what you’ve achieved or learnt this year.

25 Dec: Christmas 🎁

Boxing Day onwards: key period for people to book 🌍

How to personalise your Social Media Calendar 2020 – UK version

Social media calendar ideas screenshot
Example of an Ink Gardener Social media calendar

Every business or organisation is different. Other key dates could include:

  • Awareness days for related causes or charities
  • Your business anniversary
  • A birthday of a key product or service
  • A birthday of someone you admire – like an author or business leader. Why not send your regards via Twitter?

What’s your key message or sale to drive that month?

If you know sales dip in a certain month, schedule something a couple of weeks beforehand with a special offer.

What’s your ideal time period for orders?

If you have an online shop, you can tweet up to the day before if you can deliver quickly. But it’s often best to remind people a fortnight before, and then repeat a similar message a week before.

Many people are surprised by how long it takes to create a wedding dress or arrange an event. So make sure you give them plenty of notice and some friendly nudges.

Need more help?

I hope you’ll find my social media calendar 2020 UK article useful, and it will kick-start some ideas.

If you need something more tailored, I can provide one-on-one coaching. Or you can sign up for my Hothouse Social Media Process – including setting up, then nurturing your accounts before training you to take over. Just get in touch for a chat!