Blogs - tips for Facebook Business PagesA Facebook Business page is a great place to build your social media confidence. If you have a personal Facebook account already, the interface is more familiar than Twitter. If you’ve followed businesses as a person, then you’ll already know what makes you click and what bores you.

But using Facebook as a business takes some getting used to. Plus when only 3% of your followers are likely to see your post if you don’t pay for an Ad or a Boosted Post, you need to ‘box smart’. Here are some short-cuts I’ve shared with my clients:

1. How to switch to being your Facebook Business Page

The following screenshots are all from a laptop.

  1. Log in as you, the person
  2. Click the arrow in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select your Facebook Business Page name

Facebook Business Page - select from start

Tip: If you have access to multiple pages, they’ll all be listed here.

2. How to switch to being your Facebook Business Page mid-flow

Sometimes you might be ‘you’ the person and see the perfect post to share on your Facebook Business page. Here’s how to share it there:

  1. Click on the blue arrow under a post on the right. If your screen is quite dark, you might not be able to make it out but it is there.
  2. Choose your Page name
  3. Click Share
  4. Click the option ‘Share…’ which will appear
  5. There will be an option ‘Share on a Page you manage’. Check that it is the right page.
  6. Add any words to the top of the post if you want or leave blank
  7. Click Post on the bottom right, under the information you want to share
  8. It will be shared on your Business Page, not your personal page

Here’s step 1 in action:

Facebook Business Page - switch to like as business while still you

3. How to Like another Facebook Business page as your Business, not you

  1. Click the … button on the far-right of their header
  2. Select Like As Your Page

Here’s step 2:

Facebook Business Page - like as your Business

That company’s posts will then show up when you click See Pages Feed in your left-hand column. Which means you can comment, Like and even Share their posts to spread the Facebook love.

Tip: No Like button appearing? As a Business, you can’t yet like individual’s pages or join Groups.

4. How to mention another business’s Facebook page in your post

Facebook Business Page - mention other businesses

  1. Type @ before the name of the business
  2. Facebook will come up with a list of suggestions
  3. Click the name you want – it will then turn blue
  4. Facebook will add it into your page, like so:

Facebook Business Page - final business mentionTip: Sometimes it’s best to look them up on Facebook first and then type in the name after their address at the top. And York Cocoa House really is awesome.

5. Make sure you’re an Admin

Maybe your friend’s nephew set up the page for you for free which is great. What isn’t so great is when he heads off on a Round The World trip with the password. So always make sure you’re an Admin for the page. Instructions on how to do this are covered in my next point.

6. Set up another person as an Admin

You’re already an Admin? Brilliant. Just make sure another trusted person is one too –  see Do you run a Facebook page for your business? Do this NOW for the scary reasons why and how to set this up.

7. If in doubt

Facebook has an annoying habit of changing its layout. If you get stuck, try clicking a small arrow or the ‘…’ option and having a browse.

8. Encourage the ‘Love’

Tell your friends to Love or Wow, not just Like, any of your Facebook Business page posts. Also ask them to make a small comment even if it’s just ‘great photo!’ The Facebook algorithm will look favourably on this. This will boost the Business Page’s visibility without having to pay.

Tell people this through your personal Facebook page, in person or in your email newsletters. Be warned there are rumours Facebook frowns on anyone stating this on their Business page. They may ‘mark you down’ if you do this, so don’t risk it.

9. Email me your Facebook Business page question

Don’t suffer in silence! Just email me for free at if you have a one-off question and I’ll try to help.

For businesses in and around York, UK I offer one-to-one coaching sessions, courses and can help set up your Facebook page. I can also run your social media if there’s a spare slot in my Ink Gardening Round.