Blog - Facebook Fundraiser

All hail the Facebook Fundraiser tools! Have you noticed a Create Fundraiser button on Facebook pages of your favourite charities? It’s a great initiative to speed up donations. Read more about Facebook invites charities to sign up for new fundraising tools.

However the sign-up process is not easy. The Facebook How does my organization qualify to use Facebook’s fundraising tools? guidelines weren’t really thorough enough. So I’m sharing the lessons I learned when I signed up on behalf of a client.

Ingredients you will need before starting

  1. Your charity’s address as listed on your bank account
  2. An official email address where Facebook can email their verdict
  3. Your charity number
  4. Your VAT number OR your government issued tax ID
  5. Your Chief Executive’s date of birth (yes, seriously as they want to check them out as being a real person and not some Nigerian prince or the like)
  6. The charity account’s bank – such as NatWest or First Direct
  7. The SWIFT/BIC Code used to transfer funds between banks
  8. The IBAN number – as in the information you’d need to provide someone sending you an international bank transfer
  9. A PDF of an official bank statement from the last three months showing the bank account holder’s name, number and address. This must be the same address you’ve used previously. We took a photo which I re-saved as a PDF.
  10. A wheelbarrowful of patience

Step 1 – Page Verification

Have you verified your Page? You can do this separately before Step 2 and 3. This involves filling in a form and Facebook calling you on your charity’s listed landline with an automated code. Easy if you’re handling your social media from the charity’s location. Not so much when your freelancer works 40 miles away and there’s only one landline that everyone wants to use…

  1. On a PC, go to your charity’s Facebook Business Page Settings (top right)
  2. Choose General
  3. Choose Page Verification
  4. Select Verify this Page
  5. Click Get Started
  6. Fill in the form including the publicly listed phone number that appears on your Facebook Business Page
  7. Inform all your colleagues NOT to answer the phone in the next five minutes
  8. Click Call Me Now
  9. Answer the phone to a breezy automated Californian voice giving you a four-digit code
  10. Write down the code and then enter it into the form
  11. Have a cup of tea. Optional but I feel necessary after this much hassle.

Step 2 – Community Standards Review

Sit down at a PC – you can’t do this through a mobile or tablet – and click this link:

If you’re logged in, Facebook automatically works out if you’re an Admin for a charity and will list it at the bottom of the page.

Scroll down to the foot of the Signup page and click the arrow to the right of the charity. You just click this button and it goes to Pending. I’m assuming a Facebook elf then checks out your page to make sure you’re not trying to raise funds for Needy Copywriters Of York or another dodgy cause. It took about three days to be approved.

Step 3 – Donations account

This is where the fun *really* starts.

1. I found it easier to start from the beginning again, so click this link:

If you’re logged in to Facebook, it automatically works out if you’re an Admin for a charity and will list it at the bottom of the page.

2. Scroll down to the foot of the Signup page and click the arrow to the right of the charity.

3. Click Donations account.

4. Warning: There are at least three pages to go through, maybe more. You can’t just save it in draft, so make sure you all the ingredients listed before you start. Yes, this includes the bank statement PDF. Take your time and preferably have everything written or printed out to help avoid typos.

Step 4 – waiting

At the end of the process Facebook say they will email you within a week to let you know whether you’ve been successful. However when that deadline passes and you contact them, they change their tune to ‘two to three weeks’.  Good luck!