My story, from Cambridge University graduate to freelance web content writer.


My story, from Cambridge University graduate to freelance web content writer.

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Hello from Helen

Hi! I’m Helen Reynolds, a freelance web content writer and copywriter. I live in the beautiful city of York, working with clients across the UK.

Making the web understandable

Carrier pigeon, papyrus scroll, the internet – they’re all just ways to communicate. However people can feel overwhelmed and confused by online opportunities. I’m on a mission to remove the mystique from the web, and allow you to see the wood for the trees.

A life-long love of words

Coming from a comprehensive school, it was a challenge to study English Literature at Cambridge University. With 24 hours to read a novel before an essay deadline, I learnt how to assess information quickly and cut to the chase.

For fun, I’m writing an historical action adventure series. I’m also a Top Contributor for TripAdvisor.

A shedload of tools

I’ve worked on the web since 1997. In one day I might be a web content writer, a project manager and then a social media sower. I might also need to code some HTML or carry out some light graphic design.

Public sector copywriting

For 11 years I was the sole manager of the Lake District National Park‘s websites, including two commercial sites. So the complexities of the public sector don’t faze me.

I also founded the Lake District National Park’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, taking them from zero to thousands of followers.

Writing for profit

Before that I was responsible for First Choice Holidays e-commerce web content, based at Gatwick.

Summer jobs have provided insights into the hospitality, retail and food production sectors. I also worked in New Zealand for a legal publishing firm. This means I know all about the bottom line and showing ROI (Return On Investment).

Corporate responsibility

Ethical working is important to me. I’m not here to ‘trick’ people into buying a product or service that isn’t right for them. I love to work with businesses who are genuine, offer exceptional service and are passionate about what they do.

Volunteering/reduced rates

Every year I volunteer or work at a reduced rate for charities and not-for-profit organisations close to my heart. My quota for this year is currently full.

Organisations I volunteer for:

As heard at events

I love to spread the word about clear communication. I’ve given talks about social media, Google-friendly content and writing for the web to:

If you’d like me to talk to your business network, please get in contact.

Freelance web content writer Helen Reynolds

Why ‘Ink Gardener’?

“A website is like a garden” is a bit of a career catchphrase. It means you need to mow the lawn and do the odd spot of weeding to keep it looking good. Also I talk about nurturing or pruning words to maximise influence or profits. Find out more in SEO web content.

Content writer and professional memberships

Full video transcript

“Hi! I’m Helen Reynolds. I’m a freelance writer based in York. I help businesses across the UK boost their profits through fresh words. Gardeners work with plants to bring in a harvest and I use words to attract customers for my clients.

I’ve always loved to write. My degree was in English from Cambridge University and I’ve just finished my first novel. I started writing websites in 1997 so I’ve got a pretty good idea how they work.

What I do

I write Google-friendly web content. I can write this from scratch having talked to a business or I can hack back and prune existing content to show off products and services. I’m also a social media… consultant’s not the right word, more therapist for people who’ve set up their Facebook Business Pages and their Twitter feeds but they don’t know what to do next. I’ve coached inventors, florists, animal behaviourists… I do this through one-to-one coaching and also through workshops.

Web content

A website can look stunning but if it’s too wordy or it’s not helpful, people will go elsewhere. I write friendly, pithy content that keeps Google happy as well. I really enjoy getting feedback from my clients. I love how their websites are now earning their keep. They act like mini-auditions, 24/7 across the world.

Social media

My hothouse social media programme is also working really well. For one client, we got Twitter followers up by 78% in two months. For Facebook more than 9,000 people were reached in a month and that was without paying for ads.

Want to appear professional? Hire a professional copywriter

Maths isn’t my strong point so I have an accountant for my business accounts. And I really think businesses, if they want to present their best face, should get a professional copywriter involved.

How to get in contact

People can contact me on or call 07929 948 743. I’ve also lots of free advice on my website. I really look forward to hearing from you!”